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Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Report

"Why are we sending children to pre-K programs in converted salons, bars and turkey coops?"
August 5, 2015 - Amy Gillman, LISC national program director



EEOST Grants Awarded

The first grant awards for the Early Education and Out of School Time Capital Fund (EEOST) were announced by the Department of Early Education and Care on January 5, 2015. Ten centers in Massachusetts will share $7.45 Million in capital grants to renovate or replace their program facilities.

The 2013 Housing and Community Development Bond Bill authorized the creation of the EEOST Capital Fund to upgrade child care centers serving low income working families. This important legislation acknowledged the role that education plays in transforming families' lives and the role that suitable physical environments play in provision of high quality early learning and after school programs.

Twenty non-profit child care providers applied for grants in the first round in September, 2014. 

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What Providers Should Know


SPACE MATTERS: There is substantial research on the importance of the physical environment on children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. Click Here for more about Why Quality Space Matters.

SINKS AND TOILETS: Sinks and Toilets: The location of classroom sinks and children’s bathrooms has a measurable impact on infection control, children’s hygiene, and independence, as well as on teachers’ ability to be present and actively participating in classroom activities.

THERMAL COMFORT: There is considerable research on the effects of temperature on concentration and learning; when children are too hot or too cold, they can’t concentrate and may resist participating in activities.
NATURAL PLAY SPACE MATTERS: There is growing interest in natural outdoor play spaces for children.  Some of it was started by Richard Louv’s book, , published in 2005. He coined the term “nature deficit disorder” – a phrase that resonated with parents and educators across the country.  Click Here for more Natural Play information.
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